Free Complimentary Consultation


Work on a one on one with me (Sall) for 45mins via online or in person, to  find out if my services is something for you and to build a working relationship with you

Clarity & Strategy Session

Are you feeling stuck or unclear about your life’s purpose, vision and/or business? Or are you always sabotaging your success consciously or subconsciously?

This is the perfect session for you to figure out what is holding you back and how to move to the next best version of yourself and your business.

This is a save space, free of judgement and confidentiality is our utmost priority. No preparations are needed to attend, but just your willingness and openness to be ready to explore your journey with me.

Leaving Session With

  • 3 Hours of private coaching session via skype
  • Getting clearer on your goals, intentions and vision
  • Uncovering the challenges stopping your from going to the next level
  • Having the success mindset to achieve anything you want in life
  • Identifying potential limiting believes stopping you from achieving your goals
  • Leaving with an action plan and strategy for your life and/or your business
  • leaving with tools, motivation, energy and excitement
Investment: £300
Session : 3 Hours